Turning Ancient Tradition into Design

About Us

Our Philosophy

Since the beginning of our adventure in 2016, we had been moved by the idea to create and represent a unique world made by color joyful vibes and positive emotions.


Our unconditional love for traveling the world, joined with passion for ancient craftsmanship traditions, brings out the desire to give life to something new.


Working on a reinterpretation of folk heritage, Pink Pampas develops a growing collection of unique colorful décor objects handcrafted far away by Master Artisans, that runs together with a contemporary Maxi Illustrations World.


In this way a New Vision of craftsmanship starts, giving birth to a New Design Era.


We called it “New Folk”.

Who we are

We are Giulia and Filippo.

We are a couple and we are globetrotters.

We live and work in Milano, a city full of opportunities, but sometimes stressful too.

To recharge our batteries we like to travel, last minute & low cost, to far away destinations, wild and sunny, where the sky is always blue and the mind can wander serene.


During a trip to Belize the Pink Pampas project was born.

Our dream was to create a magical world of global handicraft with all its history and vivid colours, to keep the local artisanal supply chain alive, to promote the aesthetics of different cultures and to give birth to an innovative joyful vision of craftsmanship at the same time.


Many wonder what this name is about.

Pink Pampas are typical plants from the Argentinean pampas, wild and spectacular.

And pink is a colour that gives energy and positivity.

And symbolizes gratitude.


Always be grateful.


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